About company

Vakutex ltd. company was founded in the year 1993 as successor of Varga company
From solving corrosion and material problem form electrical and heating industry, chemical companies the range of activities was widened mainly to cooperation with foreign companies e.g.
Corpex – special means for chemical cleaning
Trane / Loyd / York / Sinop – defectoscopy of cooling units and anti corrosion treatment of cooling circuits.
Kurita – chemical treatment of heating and cooling circuits , corrosion inhibition etc

also with Czech companies and institutions
UCT (VSCHT) – University of chemistry and technology Prague – cooperation solving corosion and material issues, special chemical analysis
RPA Unipetrol – credited analysis of materials and sediments
ALS credited analysis of water and brine
CST Center for special technology – cooperation on plans and realization of abrasive blasting, pressure cleaning, tanks restoration and application of anti-corrosion layers

Vakutex ltd is founding member of AKI (association of corrosion engineers) and specialist in the areas of corrosion, water treatment and materials

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